PhD candidates

Jasper G.M. Aarts MSc

High-throughput screening of biomaterials using self-learning algorithms

Boris Arts MSc

Feedback-response in supramolecular biomaterials

Paul A.A. Bartels MSc

Adhesive biomaterials as the endocardium of an artificial heart

Riccardo Bellan MSc

Supramolecular biomaterials for engineering the cell-material interface

Joyce E.P. Brouns MSc

Dynamic reciprocity in supramolecular biomaterials

Simone M.J. de Jong MSc

A synthetic niche for renal stem cells based on supramolecular materials

Muhabbat I. Komil MSc

Controlled radical polymerization from supramolecular macro-initiators

Laura Rijns MSc

Probing the kidney cell – material interface using supramolecular biomaterials

Maritza M. Rovers MSc

Development and screening of synthetic microenvironments for eukaryotic cells

Martin G.T.A. Rutten MSc

Implementation of architectural and mechanical features in supramolecular hydrogels

Moniek G.J. Schmitz MSc

Antimicrobial supramolecular biomaterials for regenerative medicine

Maaike Schotman MSc

Hydrogels as drug delivery matrices for cardiac regeneration

Johnick van Sprang MSc

Biomaterials for expansion and maturation of kidney organoids

Annika F. Vrehen MSc

Biomaterials for a bio-engineered corneal construct


Postdoctoral researchers

Peter-Paul K.H. Fransen PhD

Synthesis methods of new supramolecular biomaterials

Jingyi Huang PhD

Synthesis of new UPy-guest molecules

Vincent Irawan PhD

Thermoresponsive UPy hydrogel as a dynamic cell culture substrate

Dan Jing Wu PhD

Development and valorisation of biomaterials

Oleksandr Zagorodko PhD

Development of supramolecular materials for corneal replacement and regeneration

Ying Zhang PhD

Synthetic polymers based bioelectronic platform to model kidney functions and disease generation, and nephrotoxicity screening


Master’s students

Amy Broeders

Amy E.J.A. Broeders

Biomaterial-driven differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells towards nephron progenitor cells of the kidney

Rutger van Doorslaer

Rutger F.J.F. van Doorslaer

Synergistic effect of topographical cues and surface functionalization via post-modification of BU polymers towards digital microfluidics automation platform

Roos van Hoffe

Roos van Hoffe

Tuned delivery of iron chelators for the development of a hypoxia-regulating hydrogel

Ruben Joon

Ruben Joon

Determining the rheological behavior of thermoresponsive strain-stiffening supramolecular hydrogels based on PIC, UPy and PNIPAM

Sebastiaan de Nijs

Sebastiaan de Nijs

Bioactivated electrospun UPy-based supramolecular polymer meshes for pelvic floor dysfunction

Celine Pereboom

Celine Pereboom

Screening electrospun UPy scaffolds with surface grafted glycopolymers for a corneal endothelial graft implant

Frans Prevoo

Frans Prevoo

Designing an adhesive supramolecular patch providing controlled drug release for myocardial infarction



Geert C. van Almen PhD

Project management and valorisation of biomaterials

Marcel H.P. van Genderen PhD

Associate Professor

Jolanda J.M. Levering