Simone de Jong

Simone obtained her bachelor in Medical Sciences and Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. During her master in Biomedical Engineering at the same university, she followed courses to specialize in tissue engineering and biomaterials. For her thesis, Simone worked on the immobilization of full-length proteins on supramolecular materials in the group of prof. dr. dr. Patricia Dankers. She also participated in an in vivo study investigating the immune reaction in in situ engineered arteries in rats. To finish her master’s, Simone did a 6 month internship in the Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials group of prof. Kevin Healy at the University of California Berkeley to study the endothelialization of the media channels of a cardiac microphysiological system (heart-on-a-chip).
Currently, Simone is a PhD candidate in the group of prof. dr. dr. Patricia Dankers, where she focuses on the culture of induced pluripotent stem cells-derived kidney organoids in supramolecular hydrogels. By optimizing the chemical and physical composition of the hydrogel and by using bioprinting techniques, she aims to improve the maturation and vascularization of kidney organoids.