BNR radio highlights our chemogel to treat peritoneal cancer in Science Today item

Business News Radio (BNR) highlighted in their Science Today item our research on the development of a hydrogel which incapsulates anti-cancer drugs targeting peritoneal cancer. These gels are studied by Peter-Paul Fransen, who was interviewd by BNR, and Geert van Almen in collaboration with Maastricht UMC+ and Catarina Hospital Eindhoven, with sponsoring from KWF (Dutch […]

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“Semi-Human Vase” connects art and science

Dan Jing Wu and prof. Patricia Dankers teamed up with artist Hongjie Yang in a project where science meets art. HeLa cells were cultured on 3D printed vases and stained blue, to create the Delft-blue appearance. Three replicas are shown in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris as part of the exhibition ‘La fabrique du […]

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Lecture Patricia Dankers in Universiteit van Nederland (Dutch)

Patricia Dankers heeft een college gegeven getiteld ‘Hoe kan plastic jouw leven redden’ in het online tv-programma Universiteit van Nederland, in een serie met als thema ‘medische mirakels’. De aflevering is vanaf 4 april op de website van de Universiteit van Nederland te zien en is al iets eerder aan bod gekomen op Artikel […]

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