Geert van Almen as guest in talkshow
Na Het Nieuws

On the 6th of January, Geert van Almen was invited to the talkshow Na Het Nieuws as a guest. This live talkshow discusses and elaborates topics of the news. This first new episode of the season discussed the recent trends in the news and looked ahead to their roles in 2030. Geert discussed the recent […]

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TU/e Drivers of change at the Dutch Design Week

Last week was the Dutch Design week where the TU/e was present with the drivers of change. This programs mentality was to show that today’s technology and its role in society is becoming increasingly complex and in a diverse and rapidly changing world, engineers of the future need to consider society’s relationship with technology and […]

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Lecture Patricia Dankers at Science Café in Deventer

Professor Patricia Dankers gave a 2 hour lecture at Science Café in Deventer on 9 October about “How to create living materials” featuring our work in the group. A short summary of what the lecture was about can be found on their website (in Dutch): Weefselreparatie met plastic: synthetische materialen met biologische eigenschappen?

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BNR radio highlights our chemogel to treat peritoneal cancer in Science Today item

Business News Radio (BNR) highlighted in their Science Today item our research on the development of a hydrogel which incapsulates anti-cancer drugs targeting peritoneal cancer. These gels are studied by Peter-Paul Fransen, who was interviewd by BNR, and Geert van Almen in collaboration with Maastricht UMC+ and Catarina Hospital Eindhoven, with sponsoring from KWF (Dutch […]

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“Semi-Human Vase” connects art and science

Dan Jing Wu and prof. Patricia Dankers teamed up with artist Hongjie Yang in a project where science meets art. HeLa cells were cultured on 3D printed vases and stained blue, to create the Delft-blue appearance. Three replicas are shown in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris as part of the exhibition ‘La fabrique du […]

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