October 20, 2016

Geert van Almen discussed the future of supramolecular biomaterials at TFH 2016

On October 12 Geert van Almen participated in the Biomaterials session at the Technology For Health 2016 in ’s Hertogenbosch and gave a lecture about supramolecular biomaterials. In his lecture Geert talked about the valorisation activities in the DankersLab and addressed the challenges of combining fundamental and applied research to develop new biomaterials with the commercialization activities to bring these materials to the patient. The session was concluded with a panel discussion about the trends in regenerative medicine and the future of biomaterials. All members of the expert panel agreed that biomaterials have been around for many years, but that we currently stand at the beginning of a period where novel, ‘smart’ materials will be developed that form the next generation of biomaterials. Click here for more information about TFH2016