Monthly Archives: July 2019

BNR radio highlights our chemogel to treat peritoneal cancer in Science Today item

Business News Radio (BNR) highlighted in their Science Today item our research on the development of a hydrogel which incapsulates anti-cancer drugs targeting peritoneal cancer. These gels are studied by Peter-Paul Fransen, who was interviewd by BNR, and Geert van Almen in collaboration with Maastricht UMC+ and Catarina Hospital Eindhoven, with sponsoring from KWF (Dutch […]

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Matilde Putti successfully defends PhD thesis

Matilde Putti successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled “Engineered Bioactive Supramolecular Materials Based on Ureido-Pyrimidinones”, on 18 June 2019. Papers featured in her thesis include A supramolecular platform for the introduction of Fc-fusion bioactive proteins on biomaterial surfaces and Influence of the assembly state on the functionality of a supramolecular jagged1-mimicking peptide additive

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