Bastiaan Ippel

Sergio Spaans obtains his doctorate

Sergio Spaans obtained the title of doctor by succesfully defending his PhD thesis, titled ‘Engineered Cardiac Microenvironments based on supramolecular biomaterials’, on Wednesday March 13th. Papers included in his thesis are Supramolecular surface functionalization via catechols for the improvement of cell-material interactions, A supramolecular platform stabilizing growth factors, and Mechanically robust electrospun hydrogel scaffolds crosslinked […]

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Mani Diba is awarded NWO Rubicon Grant

Mani Diba has received the Rubicon grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to perform research in the group of Prof. Antonios Mikos at Rice University in Houston, TX, USA. Mani will combine his background in colloidal hydrogels with 3D printing technologies at the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues ( to develop new […]

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“Semi-Human Vase” connects art and science

Dan Jing Wu and prof. Patricia Dankers teamed up with artist Hongjie Yang in a project where science meets art. HeLa cells were cultured on 3D printed vases and stained blue, to create the Delft-blue appearance. Three replicas are shown in the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris as part of the exhibition ‘La fabrique du […]

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KWF funding for preclinical validation of supramolecular hydrogel for continuous local intraperitoneal chemotherapy

Together with Maastricht UMC (prof. Nicole Bouvy) and Catherina Cancer Institute (prof. Ignace de Hingh), researchers from TU/e (prof. Patrica Dankers) were awarded a KWF research grant for the development of a new strategy to improve intraperitoneal chemotherapy for patients with peritoneal cancer. This funding gives the opportunity to start preclinical evaluation of an innovative […]

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Dan Jing Wu new ‘Face of Science’

Dan Jing Wu is one of the new Faces of Science, a program of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science. She will make blogs and vlogs about her research to show how it is to be a scientist and give a nice insight in everyday PhD-life. Visit her personal page, or go directly to her […]

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