Bastiaan Ippel

Maarten successfully defends PhD thesis

On January 30th, Maarten Bakker successfully defended his PhD thesis, titled “Supramolecular Drug Delivery Systems: molecular engineering of carrier affinity”. Papers featured in his thesis include Multicomponent Supramolecular Polymers ad a Modular Platform for Intracellular Delivery, and Modular supramolecular ureidopyrimidinone polymer carriers for intracellular delivery.

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Series of interesting reviews published with members of the DankersLab

Members of the DankersLab wrote interesting reviews on various topics: Dan Jing Wu wrote about advances in the field of 3D printing, concerning stimuli-responsive materials with metamaterial properties, Bastiaan Ippel wrote about the progress in the development of blood-compatible biomaterials, towards more complex and life-like systems, Sergio Spaans wrote about engineering the cardiac stem cell […]

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Olga Goor successfully defends PhD thesis

On September 19th, Olga Goor successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled “Supramolecular Biomaterials in Action; Bioactivation through surface modifications”. Papers featured in her thesis include Efficient Functionalization of Additives at Supramolecular Material Surfaces, Introduction of anti-fouling coatings at the surface of supramolecular elastomeric materials via post-modification of reactive supramolecular additives, and Cucurbituril-mediated immobilization of fluorescent […]

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