Geert van Almen

Sergio Spaans publishes in Biomaterials Science

Sergio Spaans, together with other researchers of the DankersLab, and collaborators from SyMO-chem and the TU/e, published his work on supramolecular surface functionalization with catechols for the improvement of cell-material interactions in the journal Biomaterials Science. The article is featured on the cover of the special issue for Emerging Investigators 2017. The full article can […]

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Patricia Dankers is awarded Vidi grant

Patricia Dankers, along with 2 others from the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems at the TU/e, was awarded a prestigious Vidi grant from the NWO. The research made possible by this grant will focus on bestowing biomaterials with increased bioactivity for better communication with the human body. More information, also on the other awardees can […]

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Gravitation subsidy awarded to team of researchers led by prof. Carlijn Bouten

A group of researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology, UMC Utrecht, the Hubrecht Institute and Maastricht University, led by prof. Carlijn Bouten, received a subsidy of 18.8 million euros for research on ‘Materials-Driven Regeneration’. Researchers from the DankersLab are involved in the gravitation research via the design and synthesis of new biomedical materials. More information […]

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Members DankersLab win poster prizes in Paris and Berlin

From September 28-30, the International Conferenece On Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology (ICONAN) was held in Paris, France. Maxime Grillaud was awarded for the best ICONAN 2016 poster presentation. For more information, visit the website of ICONAN 2016. October 4-5, the International Symposium on Functional Biointerfaces was held in Berlin, Germany, where Olga Goor won the poster […]

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Geert van Almen discussed the future of supramolecular biomaterials at TFH 2016

On October 12 Geert van Almen participated in the Biomaterials session at the Technology For Health 2016 in ’s Hertogenbosch and gave a lecture about supramolecular biomaterials. In his lecture Geert talked about the valorisation activities in the DankersLab and addressed the challenges of combining fundamental and applied research to develop new biomaterials with the […]

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First DankersLab group science day and retreat

In August 2016 the first DankersLab retreat was organized, starting of with a full day of science presentations and a show of culinary skill in the evening. The retreat was complete with an entertaining tour through the pitoresque village of Valkenburg and an exploration of the nearby marlstone mines by mountainbike.

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