Victor Veenbrink

Dankerslab gets trained in storytelling

As part of our group outing, the members of Dankerslab recieved a great workshop on storytelling and science from Udo Holtappels at the Brainport Human Campus. Here, we were taught what makes a captivating story and how to communicate our scientific work to various audiences. We look forward to seeing our new skills applied in […]

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Muhabbat Komil successfully defends PhD thesis

Muhabbat Komil successfully defended her PhD thesis, titled “Extracellular matrix-inspired supramolecular biomaterials via controlled radical polymerization”, on 4 July 2023. Her work was centered around creating novel materials inspired by the natural extracellular matrix. One paper featured in her thesis is: Supramolecular Additive-Initiated Controlled Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Zwitterionic Polymers on Ureido-pyrimidinone-Based Biomaterial Surfaces. […]

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Riccardo Bellan was awarded the best workshop presentation in the biomedical field at the Dutch Polymer Days

This week, several members of the Dankerslab group attended the 20th Dutch Polymer Days. Here, Martin Rutten gave a plenary lecture on “engineering stress stiffening behavior into supramolecular hydrogels” and Riccardo Bellan gave a workshop on “cellular internalization of ureido-pyrimidinone fibers through tailored monomer design” for which he was awarded the best workshop presentation in […]

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Laura Rijns publishes in Chemical Communications

Laura Rijns authored an article about introducing carbohydrate patterning in mannose-decorated supramolecular assemblies and hydrogels in Chemical Communications. In the article she examines the assembly behaviour of Benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide (BTA) supramolecular glyco-polymers containing one, two or three mannose units and mannose patterning through supramolecular copolymerization of fully mannosylated BTA and nonfunctionalized BTA. Furthermore, she investigates the […]

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Laura Rijns co-authors a review article in Nature Reviews Methods Primers

Laura Rijns co-authored an article about Engineered hydrogels for mechanobiology in Nature Reviews Methods Primers, outlining the importance and challenges of creating native extracellular matrix mimicking hydrogels. The primer includes the design of hydrogels for mechanobiology studies, techniques for characterizing hydrogels and methods for analysing cell behaviour. Furthermore, it looks into example applications in regenerative […]

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