Master projects

Please contact prof. Patricia Dankers for more information on the projects below.

Elastomeric supramolecular materials
  Development of electrospun supramolecular materials with antimicrobial activity to fight infections (Moniek Schmitz)
  Study growth factor adsorption to functionalized supramolecular biomaterials on nano- (QCM-D)
  and micro level (cell culture) (Moniek Schmitz)
  Design and synthesis of an antimicrobial peptide to improve supramolecular biomaterials and combat multi-drug
  resistant bacteria (Moniek Schmitz)
  Degradation by design: to control degradation of supramolecular polymers (Boris Arts)

Organoid Culture
  Investigating the effect of hydrogel encapsulation on reducing fibrosis in kidney organoids (Johnick van Sprang)
  Influence of stress-relaxation in dynamic hydrogels on kidney organoids and tubuloids (Johnick van Sprang)

Supramolecular Hydrogels
  Supramolecular hydrogels as drug delivery systems, from synthesis to analysis (Maaike Schotman)
  Creating a hybrid drug releasing platform, combining electrospun scaffolds with hydrogels for drug
  delivery purposes (Maaike Schotman)
  Supramolecular hydrogel for cell encapsulation (Jingyi Huang)
  Synthesis and biological evaluation of supramolecular ureidopyrimidinone polymer targeting bone
  neoplasms (Jingyi Huang)
  Feedback-responsive supramolecular hydrogels to control coagulation (Boris Arts)
  Development of a supramolecular antimicrobial hydrogel to combat multi-drug resistant bacteria (Moniek Schmitz)