Gradient micro-array printer

 Optimization of gradient micro-array printer for high-throughput screening of supramolecular polymer blends

Project description:

Supramolecular chemistry makes use of directional and highly specific non-covalent interactions. Molecules (e.g. polymers and peptides) with similar supramolecular motifs can be combined in a mix-and-match fashion to material properties, such as degradation time, biofunctionality and mechanical characteristics. To be able to screen multiple supramolecular polymer blends in a high-throughput fashion, a microarray printer was designed and developed. The main challenge of the project is to gain full control over drop formation and content, which should be independent of the type of solvent or compound used.

In the end, the characteristics of varying supramolecular polymer compositions are assayed using techniques ranging from surface analyses (e.g. XPS, IR and AFM) to protein adsorption and cell adhesion.

We are looking for master students in biomedical engineering or in mechanical engineering with a clear affinity for (bio)materials science and engineering.