PhD candidates

Boris Arts MSc

Feedback-response in supramolecular biomaterials

Paul A.A. Bartels MSc

Adhesive biomaterials as the endocardium of an artificial heart

Joyce E.P. Brouns MSc

Dynamic reciprocity in supramolecular biomaterials

Bastiaan D. Ippel MSc

Supramolecular vascular access grafts

Simone M.J. de Jong MSc

Maturation and vascularization
of kidney organoids using biomaterials

Muhabbat I. Komil MSc

Controlled radical polymerization from supramolecular macro-initiators

Martin G.T.A. Rutten MSc

Implementation of architectural and mechanical features in supramolecular hydrogels

Moniek G.J. Schmitz MSc

Antimicrobial supramolecular biomaterials for regenerative medicine

Maaike Schotman MSc

UPy-hydrogels for controlled drug release

Johnick van Sprang MSc

Biomaterials for expansion and maturation of kidney organoids

Annika F. Vrehen MSc

Biomaterials for a bio-engineered corneal construct

Dan Jing Wu MSc

3D printing of supramolecular polymers towards complex structures


Postdoctoral researchers

Peter-Paul K.H. Fransen PhD

Synthesis methods of new supramolecular biomaterials

Jingyi Huang MSc

Synthesis of new UPy-guest molecules

Didem Mumcuoğlu PhD

Supramolecular polymers for pancreatic islet cell transplantation


Master’s students

Lotte Janssen

Lotte Janssen

Drug delivery from supramolecular hydrogels for immunotherapy

Amy Lucassen

Amy Lucassen

High Throughput Screening of extracellular mimetic peptides on supramolecular polymers

Simone van der Lugt

Simone van der Lugt

Oxidative degradation of supramolecular UPy meshes for pelvic floor dysfunction

Frans Prevoo

Frans Prevoo

Designing an adhesive supramolecular patch providing controlled drug release for myocardial infarction

Maritza Rovers

Maritza Rovers

Development of a click-to-release reaction on a supramolecular surface

Axum Tedros

Axum Tedros

Synergistic effect of topographical cues and surface functionalization on fibrous encapsulation for pelvic floor meshes



Jolanda J.M. Levering


Geert C. van Almen PhD

Project management and valorisation of biomaterials