PhD candidates

Boris Arts MSc

Feedback-response in Supramolecular Biomaterials

Joyce E.P. Brouns MSc

Dynamic Reciprocity in Supramolecular Biomaterials

Ronald C. van Gaal MSc

Materials for kidney regenerative medicine

Bastiaan D. Ippel MSc

Supramolecular vascular access grafts

Muhabbat I. Komil

Matilde Putti MSc

Supramolecular scaffolds for cardiovascular tissue engineering

Moniek G.J. Schmitz MSc

Antimicrobial supramolecular biomaterials for regenerative medicine

Maaike Schotman MSc

UPy-hydrogels for controlled drug release

Sergio Spaans MSc

Engineering the cardiac niche

Johnick van Sprang MSc

Biomaterials for expansion and maturation of kidney organoids

Dan Jing Wu MSc

3D printing of supramolecular polymers towards complex structures


Postdoctoral researchers

Maarten H. Bakker PhD

UPy-hydrogels for drug delivery

Mani Diba PhD

Synthetic extracellular matrices

Peter-Paul K.H. Fransen PhD

Synthesis methods of new supramolecular biomaterials

Giulia Marchioli PhD

Vascular access graft development

Didem Mumcuoğlu PhD

Supramolecular polymers for pancreatic islet cell transplantation

Jiankang Song PhD

Supramolecular carriers for controlled delivery


Undergraduate students

Paul Bartels

Paul A.A. Bartels

Polymerization on supramolecular surfaces

Kim van Dongen

Kim van Dongen

3D printing and electrospinning supramolecular polymers

Izy Janssens

Izy Janssens

Patterning of supramolecular surfaces using photo-click chemistry

Rogier Miltenburg

Rogier P.R.S. Miltenburg

Effect of microstructure in porous membranes on renal epithelial cells

Maarten Plaum

Maarten Plaum

Post-modification of supramolecular materials with antimicrobial compounds

Imke Smits

Imke P.M. Smits

Decellularized extracellular matrix for kidney organoids



Geert C. van Almen PhD

Project management and valorisation of biomaterials