Bastiaan D. Ippel

“Supramolecular materials offer the tools for controlled in-situ tissue engineering of functional vascular access grafts”

Bastiaan completed his bachelor and master degree in Biomedical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. He graduated on engineered cardiac microtissues in the group of prof. Carlijn Bouten and as part of his masters he studied the immunomodulation by mesenchymal stem cells at Harvard University under prof. David Mooney. As a PhD student in the group of Patricia Dankers, he is now working on design of a vascular access graft for haemodialysis. This graft is made by electrospinning biodegradable supramolecular polymers, which are functionalized with various supramolecualer additives to tune material properties, such as fouling, specific cell-adhesion and mechanical properties. These functionalized biomaterials are analyzed with AFM, XPS, WCA and SEM and functionality is assessed in-vitro by means of cell-adhesion studies and protein adsorption.