Didem Mumcuoğlu

Didem Mumcuoglu finished her Bachelor’s degree in 2012 in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. During her Bachelor’s degree she investigated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for cancer therapy. She received her Master’s degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology in Bilkent University, Turkey. During her master’s she performed two years of research in National Nanotechnology Center, Ankara focusing on self-assembled nanomaterials and their application as a carrier for oligonucleotide drugs. After finishing Master’s, she started her PhD in Netherlands in 2014. Her PhD study was funded by Marie Curie ITN (Bio-inspire) involving Fujifilm and Erasmus Medical Center as project partners. Her role in the consortium was to develop a growth factor delivery system for bone regeneration under supervision of Dr. Sebastiaan Kluijtmans and her PhD promoter Prof. Gerjo van Osch. After finishing her PhD she started as a post-doc in Prof. Patricia Danker’s group. Her current research is focused on designing a device based on supramolecular polymers for islet cell transplantation.