Johnick van Sprang

Johnick van Sprang obtained his bachelor and master degree in Biomedical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. In his master he focussed on fabrication of supramolecular membranes for the development of an implantable hemodialyzer in the group of prof. dr. dr. Patricia Dankers. As part of his masters, he performed an internship at the University of California, San Francisco in the group of prof. dr. Shuvo Roy. During the internship he worked on building a supramolecular coating platform for silicon nanoporous membranes using telechelic ureido-pyrimidinone polymers. Currently, Johnick van Sprang is a PhD student in the group of prof. dr. dr. Patricia Dankers, where he will focus on using multiple material platforms to expand renal organoids. By drawing inspiration from embryology, he intends to use these biomaterials as a cue for iPSCs to introduce a central urinary drainage in kidney organoids.