Jule van Basten

Jule earned her bachelor’s degree at the Technical University of Eindhoven, where she conducted a three-month research project at the University of Santa Barbara’s Han Lab, investigating the origin of Tau protein aggregation in pathological conditions. Additionally, she served as the project manager for the reformer and catalyst system at Team FAST, a multidisciplinary student team from TU/e, pioneering an innovative system converting formic acid (hydrozine) into hydrogen and carbon dioxide, showcasing hydrozine a sustainable energy carrier. The teams’ success led to the establishment of the startup DENS.

Building on her undergraduate studies, Jule pursued her master’s degree at Eindhoven University of Technology, conducting research in Professor Bert Meijer’s group. To conclude her master’s program, Jule undertook an internship in Silicon Valley at Carbon 3D. There, Jule examined the stability of resins used in 3D printing technology.

Currently, as a Ph.D. candidate under the joint guidance of Professors Patricia Dankers and Bert Meijer, Jule’s research focusses on establishing a “human in the loop” formulation robotics lab for biomaterial applications. This project seeks to integrate human expertise with advanced robotic technologies to advance the field of formulation science.