Maaike J.G. Schotman

“Adaptable injectable hydrogels could offer target-specific drug release in the clinic in a minimally invasive matter”

Maaike Schotman received her Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente in 2015, where she proceeded with her Masters Biomedical Engineering. During her internship she worked in the lab of prof. dr. Wenxin Wang at the Charles Institute of Dermatology in Dublin. She did her Master thesis in the group of dr. Jos Paulusse, where she worked on size-controlled nanogels by RAFT polymerization for biomedical applications. In 2017 she started as a PhD student in the group of dr. dr. Patricia Dankers where she is working on the preparation of UPy-PEG hydrogels, exploring their rheological properties, and investigating their drug release capabilities.