Paul Bartels

“Supramolecular biomaterials can be specifically developed to help create biocompatible artificial organs”

Paul received his bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences and Engineering and his masters in Biomedical Engineering both at Eindhoven University of Technology. During his masters Paul worked in the group of prof. dr. dr. Dankers on modifying supramolecular biomaterial surfaces with zwitterionic polymers through ATRP reactions to induce anti-fouling properties. For his internship he went to the group of dr. Matthew Becker at the University of Akron in Ohio. He worked on synthesizing high molecular weight poly(propylene fumarate) through ring-opening polymerizations for bone regeneration applications.
Currently, Paul is a PhD candidate in the Dankerslab and is involved in the Hybrid Heart project. He will use supramolecular biomaterials to develop an inner layer of the artificial heart, similar to the endocardium. These materials will adhere to the soft-robotic outer casing, have anti-thrombogenic properties and have specific bioactivity for endothelial cells.