Ronald C. van Gaal

“Fundamental insights in cell-biomaterial interactions will bring organ regenerative therapies closer to the clinic”

Ronald received his master’s degree in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at the Radboud University Nijmegen. During several internships he obtained experience in the fields of immunology, collagen based biomaterials and stem cell biology, creating a solid base for his PhD research in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. His PhD-project aims at improving biomaterial design for kidney replacement and regeneration therapies. During the project several design criteria of the bio-artificial kidney are investigated. Fundamental insights in cell-biomaterial interactions are followed by biomaterial screening. Additional topics such as membrane fabrication and the elucidation of renal cell response to curvature aid in the overall arch of the project. Research techniques such as fluorescence microscopy, cell functionality assays, design of experiment based screening, and basic microfabrication are applied during the project.