BNR radio highlights our chemogel to treat peritoneal cancer in Science Today item

Business News Radio (BNR) highlighted in their Science Today item our research on the development of a hydrogel which incapsulates anti-cancer drugs targeting peritoneal cancer. These gels are studied by Peter-Paul Fransen, who was interviewd by BNR, and Geert van Almen in collaboration with Maastricht UMC+ and Catarina Hospital Eindhoven, with sponsoring from KWF (Dutch Cancer Society). The gels show promising results in vitro where it effectively kills the specific cancer cells. The next step is testing the gels in animal models and if this has proven successfully the step after would be clinical trials.
The article with radio fragment (in Dutch) are found here:
Injecteerbare chemogel zoekt zelf de zieke cellen op

This research was also highlighted in several articles on Dutch and local newsoutlets earlier this year
The articles can be read here in Dutch:
Injecteerbare chemogel in de strijd tegen kanker in de buik (Elsevier)
Slimme gel TU/e biedt hoop bij buikvlieskanker (Eindhovens Dagblad)
TU Eindhoven ontwikkelt ‘chemo-gel’ tegen buikvlieskanker (Studio040)